Brick Cladding

Brick cladding is a method that consists in fixing brick slips to the outside of the building, reinforcing
it with a mesh, a base coat. The system encases the property and bring aesthetic brick look finish.

Brick Slip system is a non-load bearing cladding attached to the building that combines the traditional look and warm feel of natural bricks. Brick slips are manufactured from full facing bricks, essentially the face of the brick is removed to enable the customers to have the natural beauty of a real kiln fired clay brick without the drawbacks and constraints of using full bricks. This type of cladding material is highly sustainable and widely used as a finish building material.


Brick Cladding systems are developed in response to the design and engineering needs of the construction industry. The lightweight system to use on high-rise buildings or a small extension, with or without insulation.

External Wall Insulation with Brick slips system reduce heat loss through walls, cutting energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Types of Brick Slips

Brick Cut

Brick Cut is a finishing coat of natural brick cut from the real brick.

Fired Brick

Fired Brick is a manufactured brick slip made of clay the same as natural brick

Acrylic Brick

Acrylic Brick is a finishing coat made of brick slip made of high polymer acrylic render that gives a great imitation of the brick in the most cost efficient way.