Exterior Rendering

An area of specialism for us for a number of years. We can convert the facade of your property to a new design or replicate the old facade to invigorate its current design. Our wide range of products allows a new design to be both complex and complete. We possess the systems, ideas and facilities to complete your dream project


Silicon Render is a finishing coat for render, containing aggregates to display an attractive finish. The silicon renders incorporate anti-cracking technology.


Monocouche Render is a through colour render, self coloured and suitable for most types of brick or blockwork - applied in two passes to form one coat.


Rough Cast is a cementitious render which creates traditional new build properties.

The Rendering Process

Acrylic & Silicone Finish

Basecoat application

Corner beads

Glass fibre mesh

Second coat of basecoat

Primer application

Render application

Finish product

Special Features

Tudor Style

External Moulding

Classic Panels

Brick Corners

Our Rendering Work